cultivating slow living from soil to soul


What we believe

We believe it’s time to redefine modern living.

We believe things should be different - like our food system, how things are made, and the permission we give ourselves to truly nurture our own happiness.

We believe that with a bit of thoughtful intention in our actions we can shape a life that is good for our community, our planet, and ourselves and in turn create a daily life filled with balance, well-being, and happiness. So that’s why at Novaolo we make high quality goods from sustainable ingredients and materials. We refuse to compromise style and elegance to live sustainably. And, we view time as our greatest resource, helping to bring focus to what really matters to each of us.

Simply put, living elegantly slow in our modern world is the idea and mission in everything we do.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it”

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Our commitment to quality

At Novaolo great design and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

We are committed to being good to the planet and good to each other. We source our grapes from sustainable growers who are committed to doing right by the planet, the vines, and the people who care for them. We sources only sustainable materials and fabrics for our market bag, and we partner with manufacturers who share our values. We’re not perfect, and changing the way things are produced today is a challenge, but one we believe is worth the struggle. Sometimes it may take us longer to bring a product to market, but each item we make is created with significant attention to detail, a focus on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, and making things right here in the U.S.


What we do

Everything we offer is designed to help you live elegantly slow in our modern world


Micro production wines

We make high quality, terroir-driven wines from Northern California. We seek out sustainable growers and produce an extremely limited quantity of each wine in our portfolio. This enables us to focus on high-quality, one-of-a-kind wines, each perfect for savoring quality time.

market bag

Modern living essentials

We design living essentials with form, function, and the future in mind. We are currently creating the essential market bag that pairs thoughtful functionality with a minimalist, elegant styling. Our market bag is produced from sustainable fabrics and leathers and is made in California.

Novaolo Purpose Workshop

Purpose workshops

We provide coaching and guidance to help bring focus to what really matters to you, a critical first step to living a more intentional life. Understanding your unique purpose right now allows you to focus your energy on manifesting joy while minimizing the distractions from what matters most.


Our name is a celebration of women

pronunciation: /no - vah - low /

Novaolo in a word, is a celebration of women. The word itself is a blend of Kristin’s own mother and mother-in-laws maiden names, paying homage to the unique role women play in the family. As the keepers of tradition from ritual to recipe; grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters take their family culture and nurture it- perhaps blending pieces of it and making it their own. Novaolo was born to celebrate this “keeping of the flame”.

Kristin Krajecki Novaolo


Kristin Krajecki

Kristin’s aim is to help everyone live more joyfully and to celebrate the women who help us along this journey.

Determined to set a daily well-being way of life for herself and others, Kristin has taken her passion for slow food, quality wine, and design to create Novaolo, a slow lifestyle company. She designs modern living essentials. She celebrates women in food, wine, and culinary travel from around the globe. She creates moments to bring people together, she teaches what she loves, and she makes wine perfectly designed to let life breathe.

Kristin is a designer, certified sommelier, winemaker, teacher, passionate sourdough bread maker, sustainability advocate, and has traveled to over 19 wine regions around the world cooking, eating, and meeting dedicated winemakers and home cooks. She enthusiastically made her first vintage in 2015 when she moved to San Francisco.


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