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A self-care program to live intentionally and joyfully everyday

Thrive By Design

Thrive by Design is an interactive self-care program that teaches you how to author your personal purpose and take action in all areas of your life to live joyfully and intentionally while flourishing in your potential. 

This program is for individuals looking to create a more balanced life, teams and companies looking to build high performing and sustainable working environment, and groups looking to create dedicated time for self care within their wellness events and programs. 

They did it, so can you! 

We offer two ways to thrive!

  • 5-week, interactive, live online program for individuals

  • In-person workshops for groups and teams

Photos from Thrive by Design as part of the Take Time to Toast Summer Wellness event:

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Developing your personal purpose is energizing, rewarding, and the key to living a sustainable and joyful life - compromise free - in our modern world.


Novaolo Personal Purpose Thrive By Design Workshop

I-Thrive by Design

A 5-Week, Live Interactive Online Course for Individuals

You can live a balanced and joyful life while flourishing in your potential without retreating from the demands of our modern world - and this program will help you do it. Because when you know your personal purpose you can honor this truth and begin to focus your energy and time on manifesting this joy while minimizing everything that distracts from your purpose. Curious?

— Programs for Groups & Teams —

Novaolo Thrive By Design Corporate Workshop

We - thrive by design

An in-person, interactive workshop for corporate teams

When your team understands how their personal purpose contributes to the organization’s success you begin to help everyone flourish in their potential and work with greater joy and satisfaction. And when the entire team works with this clarity your organization thrives. Curious to understand how to unlock the power of purpose within your team?

Novaolo Wellness Thrive by Design Event

Wellness Events

Include Thrive By Design as part of your next wellness event

We offer 1 - 2 hour modules of the Thrive by Design curriculum that create a thoughtful, self-reflective experience within your wider wellness event.



Why I created this program

My passion is helping you unlock yours.

Kristin Krajecki Novaolo

Kristin Krajecki

Novaolo Founder

After spending almost 20 years in consulting, branding, and product development, I have personally experienced, and seen many I love, suffer from the health and wellness issues that result from continually deprioritizing self-care and personal happiness to the demands of work, personal responsibilities, and the pace of the daily grind. Determined to set a daily well-being way of life for myself and others, I am turning my 20 years of experience helping companies find and realize their purpose, to help you unlock yours. Using the same techniques that brands use to bring focus to organizations and align their activities to manifest results, we will dive deep into what makes you uniquely special. We will explore what builds joy in your life and those around you, and we will define how to harness this energy to shape daily routines that foster a more fulfilling and joyful life.

I am passionate about helping individuals just like you define your purpose and live more joyfully. I believe in the power of purpose and have seen its results in the corporate world, in individual well being, and in myself. I have personally walked this path, recovering from stress heightened illness to shape and manifest a new way of life for myself. I am an enthusiastic and experienced coach. I have extensive experience facilitating workshops for large corporations, entrepreneurs, and student groups along with teaching and coaching experience from my time as a visiting faculty member at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

I hope you’ll join me for an energizing and powerful session.

With Love & Gratitude